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  Getting Started  
  Please note:  The following steps must be completed to secure your appointment. If they are not completed within 48 hours (2 business days) of your appointment, the system will automatically cancel your appointment.  
  The following are the steps that must be completed by all new clients:  
  1. Find your counselor on the "Therapists" page and make sure they accept your insurance.

2. Call your insurance company:
          ~ Confirm that your counselor is in-network because some major companies have subsidiaries that are not included in the contract.)
          ~ Ask if you have a copay, coinsurance or deductible and what that amount would be.
          ~ Ask if you require preauthorization or are limited in the number of covered sessions.

3. Go to www.schedule.care to register and complete the Intake.
          Please note: If the client is a minor*, enter their information. If you're coming in for couples/marital counseling, both parties need to complete their own registration and Intake, but the appointment should be scheduled under the name of the Insured.

You will need to enter the name of the counselor first, so be sure to make note of their name. PLEASE NOTE: If you're unable to register with the counselor and it says to call our office, that means that the counselor is not currently accepting new clients. Please visit our "Therapists" page to select a different counselor.

When you register, please be sure to write down your login and password and keep it in a safe place. Any email correspondence sent to you by your counselor (emergency cancelations, receipts, etc.) is sent via secured email, requiring that you enter your password to open.  In addition, you can use these codes to log back into this site at any time to view your counselor's availability, schedule, move or cancel an appointment.
This pdf provides instructions on how to complete the registration, Intake and scheduling process: 

4. Once you've completed the registration and Intake, you may schedule your appointment.

5. Upon completion of the Intake, you will receive an automated email from us providing additional information regarding directions to our office, insurance, consent forms, etc.  (This email contains important information so please contact us if you do not receive it.)

*If the client is a minor, parents will need to complete the Consent Form.  IF THE MINOR'S PARENTS ARE DIVORCED, we require a copy of the divorce decree, or latest modification, showing that the parent bringing the child in for counseling has the authority to seek mental health/psychological services for him/her.  It is illegal for us to provide services without this documentation.  If we have not received this information 2 business days prior to the appointment, your appointment will be canceled.


Available counselors:

Rita Moreno, LPC-S
Martha Walch, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Jason Lopresti, Ph.D., LPC
Sylvia Villarreal, Ph.D., LPC
Rika Collado, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
Jonette Coquat, LCSW, LCDC


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